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Sod Installation

Irrigation: Established Lawn

Every type of sod has different watering recommendations. We can help ease the confusion with the irrigation recommendations specific for your lawn.

Buffalo Grass Sod Irrigation Guide
GTF Kentucky Bluegrass Irrigation Guide
Reveille Hybrid Irrigation Guide

Irrigation: New Lawn

Establishing a healthy lawn begins from the time the sod is laid. Make sure you water your new sod correctly to protect the investment you have made.

New Sod Watering Guide

Maintenance: Fertilization

Regular fertilization is as crucial to a healthy lawn as watering. So, how many times per year should you fertilize your lawn?

Colorado Lawn Fertilizer Guide

Maintenance: Management Plans

From aeration to weed control, you’ll find a customized management plan for your turfgrass type. Look for tips on suggested mowing heights for different turf types as well as whether to de-thatch your lawn or not.

Buffalo Grass Management Guide
Tall Fescue Sod Management Guide
GTF Kentucky Bluegrass Management Plan
Reveille Hybrid Management Plan


Most lawns these days are not a typical square or rectangle shape. So, unless you paid close attention in geometry class,check out the Measuring Guide available below that has the formulas to help calculate the square footage of your not-so-rectangle yard.

**Helpful tip: cutting around edging, trees or other landscaping require may require additional turf for your project. Plan to order enough sod to keep you from running out.

Measuring Sod Guide


If you are the patient, nurturing type, then seeding may be just the direction you want to go. Check out our seeding guide below.

GTF Bluegrass Seeding

Soil Prep

There is no better time to add years of life to your new lawn than when preparing the soil. Following the steps in our Soil Preparation Guide below will help create a healthy lawn while reducing the amount of water, fertilizer and other maintenance needed.

Soil Preparation Guide

The following resources are from The Lawn Institute:

Sod Grass Basics
How to Maintain a Sod Lawn
Establishing New Turf in the Fall